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  1. J

    Leather wheel & brake handle

    I just picked up my Trialmaster and it has everything I want except one thing - saddle leather. I have the black wrap on the wheel and brake handle. As wacky as it might seem, do you think these are parts I could order? Or maybe one of you want to trade? Can those even be changed or swapped?
  2. BDM Leather

    BDM Leather and Canvas

    BDM Leather and Canvas proudly design and manufacture products for a variety of industries, ensuring high quality and fit for purpose goods. We service mining, oil and gas, aviation, hospitality, emergency service, all aspects industrial and of course wholesale. Proudly Australian owned and...
  3. dash2.jpg


  4. ADVAW8S

    Saddle leather or No Saddle leather

    Conducting a poll to see how many people went with the saddle leather and how many people did not.
  5. emax

    Two visits: Yesterday with Barney at Krah + Enders and today with my wife at LeTech

    Yesterday and today were completely dedicated to the Grenadier. Let's start with the less spectacular part: Yesterday we (my wife and I) met with @Barney at Krah + Enders. It was the first time we saw each other in the flesh, and we had some really entertaining and interesting hours. For all of...
  6. emax

    Black & White/Grey Leather Seats

    In Aufenau on my test drive, the car on display had the leather seats in Black & (White or Grey). And that's exactly my uncertainty. What I expected to be a bright grey turned out to be almost white. This would eventually be a reason not to go with that. A new Blue Jeans (as an example) often...
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