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  1. S

    Sporadic Single Click (warning sound) - any ideas?

    I recently took ownership of an INEOS Grenadier. I am experiencing sporadic and random single clicks (warning sound) and cannot determine the reason. I have the Over Speed warning on the FAV button so disable every time I start up. Plus the PDC and Input Sound are off. It is not the obvious lane...
  2. M

    I’ve had my IG for 2 weeks. Orange engine warning light came on after picking up from getting windows tinted. Any ideas?

    I’ve had my IG for two weeks. Love it. Took in to get windows tinted and when I picked it up, the orange engine light is on. Any ideas? I left the car alone for a couple of hours to let it go to sleep mode, but light came back on when I started it up.
  3. ADVer

    Alu-Cab Roof Conversion Build Out Ideas

    Hello all, so as not to diffuse the other discussion around Goose Gear products, I thought it might make sense to have a separate thread specific to the Alu-Cab Roof Conversion kit and plans for building out the interior and exterior. Since the conversion will not be available until Q3-Q4 there...
  4. flynnsk

    Ideas and or requests section?

    Dear Mods, please move to appropriate "forum" section as needed. Ok, now that is out of the way. I had a couple thoughts/ideas for some things I would love to see available or possibly be made available. Color Matching/Leather Belstaff/Grenadier updated manuals. --I for one would love a good...
  5. sefch

    Building the dream Grenadier Overlander

    Hi all, I plan to build my next Dream-Overlander based on the Quartermaster - here are some mockups. ➡️ Anyone out there who has similar ideas or could contribute some inspiration for the build? 🤩 Always happy to share and learn.
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