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for sale

  1. Grenadier Station Wagon For Sale (maybe) - South-East Queensland

    For sale Grenadier Station Wagon For Sale (maybe) - South-East Queensland

    Now before everyone gets all overexcited, I am just testing the waters here as it is not my only solution to the problem we find ourselves in. Basically my wife's position has us relocating back to Brisbane and we have altogether too many vehicles in the garage. So one has to go. We currently...
    or best offer
  2. F

    Crashed Grenadier for sale in Austria

    Just found the crashed Grenadier from this event ( for sale...
  3. CORE Ineos

    Winch and bumper possibly for sale?

    Hi all. I was getting ready to buy a rig already specd with a winch installed, but my company was going to build a new bumper bull bar 15k capacity winch for these machines. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying this from me ? Unfortunately since I didn't order this build I'll have...

    Americas IG available for Sale?

    Knauz Ineos (Chicagoland) currently has 50 listed online (49 - Sale Pending but 1 "I'm Available" heading). Sterling Silver w/ black leather, Rough Pack w/ 18"steelies, front/rear diff locks, tow hitch, etc. $85,615 FYI - Knauz had 550 pre-orders so they amongst largest dealers with 500+
  5. Ineos 17" Steel Rims For Sale

    For sale Ineos 17" Steel Rims For Sale

    Factory 17" steel rims used for approx 1,200 miles. Selling all 5. One rim was bent and i had to hammer back. It holds air, but wanted to disclose that. The four others are good to go for anyone wanting a second set. Asking $800 because I don't know what the market is. I'll listen to any fair...
  6. B

    How to part ways with my Grenadier

    Hello everone, After a long wait, i finally took delivery of my beautiful Eldoret Blue Grenadier. After measuring several times entrance to my building's garage, i was almost certain that it was the right size to fit my SUV with 80.6" high. Well, did not go so well. Return from the dealer, i...
  7. D

    Americas 17 for sale on

    Links perusing through frond this
  8. Tom D

    For Sale or swap.. 18”wheels tyres… Snorkel wanted

    Seems like we don’t have a classified section yet, maybe we should get one? Anyway, I am buying the grenadier that has become available as mentioned in the sick of waiting thread. It has the 18” steel wheels and BFG tyres and I need 17‘s so if anyone is looking for a spare / winter set they...
  9. Trialmaster

    UK & Ireland 12 May - there are 7 for sale on Autotrader

    Yesterday 6, today 7 are being flipped. Three just shy of £100k. The surprise is some are around 1000 miles. What is the motivation, MONEY or car not as EXPECTED? Have to say if £30k can be made so easy you can understand the temptation.
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