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  1. Bruce

    Americas Decked drawers

    I have a contact at Decked who says they might consider making a kit for the Grenadier if they could access a vehicle to 3D scan. Anyone near Sun Valley/Ketchum up for a visit? I can put you in touch if you're interested.
  2. APB Trading

    Drawers, Roof racks and Awnings

    Hi All, Just wanted to let everyone know that we now carry full time stock on our roof racks and twin drawer systems We wanted some feedback: Would you be more interested in a mono or twin drawer (mono drawers are in the pipeline) What awnings would you prefer to see on your grenadiers. Any...
  3. Bison-Gear

    Bison Gear - 4x4 & Overlanding Accessories

    We're Bison Gear, and our mission is to provide you with the absolute best gear for your next thrilling journey. 🏞 Currently, our focus is on the remarkable INEOS Grenadier, recognized as the ultimate platform for overlanders. First top-notch products are already out in the market, specially...
  4. Bison-Gear

    Bison Gear Ineos

    Hello, it's Paweł from Bison Gear. I'm excited to share that we're collaborating with Grenadier to bring you new and innovative products. Our initial set of accessories is already on the market, and we're working on expanding the range even further. Stay tuned for a comprehensive selection...
  5. tailgategear

    Hello from Tailgate Gear, vehicle storage solutions made in Italy

    Hello everyone, Quick note to introduce myself, Stefano, our company and supporting vendor, Tailgate Gear, and what we design and produce in the 4x4 interior gear space. In a nutshell: drawers, fridge modules and slides, pull-out kitchen and more for overlanders and weekend warriors. We have...
  6. G

    Big Country drawers from South Africa (APB)

    Hi all. I drove up from Bath to Kidderminster to APB Headquarters to check out their recently arrived set of drawers for the Grenadier. This set is the first of an initial batch of five. They’re made by Big Country, a South African outfit, apparently with many years experience in producing...
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