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  1. A

    Merry Christmas and look what Bought

    Picked up my Grenny on Thursday and immediately made an 800 mile trip. Today instead of watching Halmark my son and I drove around the desert a little. Like the truck a lot. Drives well, very comfortable position. A little louder then most new cars but quieter then any Jeep I have been in. Very...
  2. Offroad

    Christmas Wish List

    and world peace!
  3. Regalz

    Merry Christmas to me! (Eldoret Blue)

    Picked her up yesterday at Red Noland, Colorado Springs. Couple picks next to my ‘18 G63 trade in. Looks like they have about 50 on the lot. Only have about 80 miles seat time but so far I’m very happy with pretty much everything. Christine my salesperson had preconfigured the shortcut for the...
  4. six1five

    It’s a Christmas Miracle!

    Our Grenadier is finally home! First and foremost, I want to recognize Regal Ineos and the wonderful staff there. Thank you to Lane, Brian, John, and the team for making this handover process seamless and stress free. They went over the basics before driving off. My trade in went without any...
  5. Christian

    Show me your Christmas Grenadiers

    Dear Grenadiers Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Kind regards Christian & ChatGPT (ChatGPT 4 "create a image featuring a snowman driving a 4wd in a winter landscape. Use the attached picture as reference for the shape of the 4wd" and uploaded a picture of the Grenadier from...
  6. Trialmaster

    Local Area Thread Merry Christmas to all Forum Members

    Have a very Merry Christmas to all those in the UK and elsewhere. Picture from Belton House.
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