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black sheep

  1. ethree

    Black Sheep LED Light Bar

    Just ordered that. 4/5 they received the order. I’ll advise how long and the process of mounting—which looks super easy.
  2. ethree

    Black Sheep Rock Rails w/Steps

    Received these today and installed the steps and rails in about 3 hours alone. Black Sheep makes a super high quality product. Everything lined up perfectly. What you’d expect from any Swiss company. By the time to pay shipping and customs ($700 roughly in total) then the actual product, you’re...
  3. ethree

    Black Sheep ARB Dual Compressor Mount.

    Just ordered the Black Sheep ARB dual compressor mount. These guys make great stuff (I have their rock rails/steps coming too!). Looking to see if anyone has actually put a system in and have wired it up. Curious as to how you did it. Thanks in advance.
  4. sean0809

    New products from Black Sheep Innovations

    Some really exciting new products due to be launched soon from the awesome team at Black Sheep Innovations… Thanks for the heads-up Thomas.
  5. Deepblue

    Black Sheep winch cover

    Was not really happy with the factory winch cover for European plastic bumper. When I saw Black Sheep has engineered practical solution I was convinced immediately. As they are in Switzerland I could arrange to buy the winch cover at their location. Thanks to @Black Sheep for making this...
  6. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep Greetings from the Black Sheep

    The fact that our homepage or online shop does not work properly is what brought me here... :rolleyes: Maybe a good sign..... I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for this inconvenience.... We are currently better at manufacturing vehicle accessories than in the design of...
  7. M

    Black Sheep Table in Action

    Check out the door table. Really good stuff. From Black Sheep. View:
  8. A

    Americas Black Sheep - USA Orders

    Curious to see if anyone in the US has ordered from Black Sheep? Looking at their roof rack option and considering forgoing the Ineos side steps for the Black Sheep rock sliders with side steps. Shipping is a bit much but I'd rather buy once/cry once and be done with it. Interested to see what...
  9. MikeF

    Why I'm installing a Black Sheep Roof Platform

    Black Sheep Innovations Roof Platform: Thinking of this as a photography/sound recording platform plus carriage. Also as a refuge, see below..... Anyone installed one? View...
  10. Michael H.

    Latest developments from BLACK SHEEP

    I was delighted to receive a visit today from Thomas Grütter from @Black Sheep, together with Andy from Clevershade. They popped round to my place to deliver Black Sheep's newly released CTEK D250SE mounting plate to suit my Utility Wagon. As many of you would already know, they had already...
  11. jert

    Quick Introduction

    Hey folks, first off all a big Thank You to all the people on the forum providing tons of valuable information ! Collected my Grenadier yesterday at LUEG in Germany and I'm really happy with it :) Rock sliders will come from Black sheep soon I hope as well as some other gear. The beauty will...
  12. minidok

    Aftermarket grill

    How do you like this kind of grill? Shown during "Abenteurer Allrad 2023".
  13. Trialmaster

    3rd party Videos Useful look inside Black Sheep

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