Which will be the most popular colour?

Hi folks I’m interested to see which will be the most popular colours?
if you can share what you picked we may be able to get a sample size that is meaningful.
I ordered a mushroom trialmaster.
what did you order?


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[QUOTE username=emax userid=8900646 postid=1332991048]I have made a poll.[/QUOTE]

I already feared somehow that my color choice (Donny Grey) follows the majority. But it suits the Grenadier well, not every color suits every car. Gray and silver are still in vogue, even though there are undoubtedly many exciting color combinations possible on the Grenadier.
Thanks for doing the poll emac - good skills. Very interesting, we were undecided between pale blue and mushroom. Quite surprised so few have gone for pale blue given it is featured widely in promo vids online.
Yes a little surprising not a lot of interest in the pale blue. I’ve ordered the pale blue with white roof but depending on what day it is I swing towards mushroom with black roof. Looks more classic but shiny black roof isn’t all that practical.
I would prefer a warm moss green with white roof but obviously there isn’t one….yetnever thought picking a colour would be so much a pain in the arse. 


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I liked the pale blue in the original configurator and it matched with the videos at the time. Now the pale blue in the configurator looks different to the original and i don't like it as much.
Until you see the colours in the flesh you will never know what they actually look like, with the configurator being a render and the differences due to what ever particular computer monitor/tablet/phone you look at them on.
I have settled on the Britannia Blue as first choice which just beat the Sela Green into second place. Both solid non metallic colours. With maybe a white roof wrap down the track.

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[QUOTE username=Sandman userid=8987369 postid=1333050151]If you change your mind on your colour, maybe you can use this  Bush Barriers. 
Hopefully they'll make them for the Grenadier[/QUOTE]

Looks great, but IG got doors made from aluminum, is it going to be a problem for the magnetic covers? 


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At a motorcycle meet over the weekend, I spoke to a woman who has been a chemist in the automotive industry for 30 years. She works in the development of car paints. I didn't understand everything she explained. But in the end I asked her if metallic silver would be a good choice in terms of light resistance and protective properties. She confirmed that and said: "This combination (silver together with metallic) is one of the best you can choose."

Everything done right. :)


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[QUOTE username=Red pepper userid=8373838 postid=1333050272]

Looks great, but IG got doors made from aluminum, is it going to be a problem for the magnetic covers? [/QUOTE]
Ah yes very true, Damn!


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I am liking the new white more and more. It looks a bit ivory/ old English white. The Mishroom which I initially liked seems to have too much pink/ red in it


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The prototype I rode in was white with a red nose and it was certainly quite a creamy white colour.

I actually I think the Grenadier white colour looks very similar to my 1983 G Wagon 230 GE, which is called "Creamy white" - code RAL 9001.




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@grenadierboy Yep. That’s the ticket. The nice creamy RAL9001 or the beige white in a LWB 911 is my favorite color in vintage cars. Brings out the lines so well!!