Pickup Prototype pictures


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Looking at these pictures of the pickup prototype on a test drive you can see that the body is the same length to the back doors as the standard Station Wagon but the wheelbase is much longer. They say 125 inches which is 10 inches longer than the SW at 115 inches. 
It looks like there is around another 10 inches added behind the rear wheel as well 
If so that would make the total length about 213 inches or 5400mm 
This configuration in a SW would make a good base vehicle for an overlander particularly if available as a two seater 
I assume the GVM would go up as well as it will need to carry at least 750kg in the tray 



I asked about a build schedule for this version and explained my plan to ideally have a 2 door and convert into an overland vehicle. The answer was clear that no 2 door would be offered. 
so I’ve changed my plan, ordered a Utility version and will adapt my build. 


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Bizarrely I just commented on a similar older thread abou the pick-up where I mentioned I would like one or the idea of one but said that pickups are always bigger and a little to big for a lot of UK roads and parking spaces (I currently run an Amarok).

Now I have seen this I feel a little vindicated about buying the Trialmaster as the length quotes here is easily as long as my current vehicle and by the looks of it will be a few inches longer still. For you guys in the States and Aus it would be perfect, in the UK it’s a bit more hassle and will certainly take up two parking spots at the local supermarket etc. 

I bet it will look superb though with a canopy on, and I will probably alway lust after one. What do you this Ineos will do in relation to canopy’s, will they release their own or will it be down to someone like truckman and RSI to come up with the goods. I bet an all black or donny grey pick-up with a black RSI canopy and black contrast roof would look awesome.