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Hello all,
Tony Clark  (Top Cat) here 
Just joined the Grenadier  forum and invited to GRUNT, so here I am!
Landy's all my life for both pleasure (Simpson, NT, Cape Yorke, High country etc) and Air Force 110's.

The Grenadier is what I have been waiting for from Landrover, but I along with others have been disappointed with their offering for people who actually use the low lever!
So, a Crisp Scottish white Trailmaster with tow and a few other bits is on order for March.
I am waiting for the truck to arrive before looking at a roo bar as I do need one from recent experience near Birdsville, same witht eh winch
I love the interior and layout and am looking at drawer design. The Grenadier is my retirement present so looking forward to even more bush trips!


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Seems there are quite a few of us in the "large present to self" category! I've reached "the age" even if not able to retire for a few years.


Grenadier Ordered
Same for me Top Cat. Will be raiding my super fund (pension fund those not in Australia) to pay for the G