Info from the Prototype event at Austria


Grenadier Ordered
I would like to share some info about the car and pictures from the event at Spielberg, Austria.
(This is a Google-translation, so be tolerant please)

• Motors comply with Euro 6d-ISC-FCM standard, will be further developed to Euro 7
• Catalysator and soot filter as standard
• Annual maintenance intervals
• 5 year guarantee
• 10 year rust guarantee
• OBD connector, minimal data collection
• Tank capacity 94 liters or 93 (diesel)
• Alarm system as standard

• Electric door closers all around, including rear door
• Elaborately flooded cavity sealing as standard
• Standard underbody protection
• ABS as standard
• Cruise control as standard

• additional switches on the roof console also pre-wired to the rear
• 2nd battery with charge control can be ordered as an option, 1st battery is then exclusively a starter battery
• 2nd tank as an option has not yet been decided, maybe later

• Trailer hitch can be ordered, fixed not detachable
• Navi not preinstalled, but via Bluetooth from iPhone ot Android

• Auxiliary heating not ex works, but can be retrofitted by Webasto, for example
• Heated seats as an option
• Windscreen not heatable, not even planned
• Heated rear window
• Headlights not heated
• Radio as an option (with DAB unknown), 4 speakers
• Jack under driver's seat

• Parking sensors all around
• Reversing camera as an option, aimed at the trailer hitch
• The backseats can be folded down, also on the Utility, but less
• Diesel AdBlue tank
• Tires with snowflake

Not communicable yet by the staff, but will be at mid may, when orders are opened:
• Consumption
• CO2 emissions petrol / diesel
• Nitrogen emissions
• Insurance classification

Interesting: Utility 2-seater has mounting points for rear seat bench, which can be ordered separately and installed if required.

Most impressing the drive over rough forest paths - and I mean rough. I never drove such paths and will never do, but the car is capable of them even without difflocks engaged. The petrol motor is very smooth, quiet and takes it effortless, the gearbox is a charme, the axle articulation is amazing for a not tuned car.

Cheers to the test driver and thanks to the Ineos staff for a really interesting well planned event.



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Great write up and some interesting points, thanks for sharing! 


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Very good summary, thanks! I was there as well and was very impressed by the offroad capabilities of the diesel version, with central diff lock open, no reduction deployed and using automatic transmission. Always sufficient torque available, even in 7th gear at 25 km/h. I wonder about the 1 year service interval - actually unusual with BMW engines. 


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Depending on the display in the on-board computer, my former 3 series wanted to be serviced every 1.5 to 2 years.


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grenadierboy said:
My wife's X5 (3 years old) computer says a service every 12 months or 20,000km which ever is sooner

I Personally think all these service schedules are too far apart, id at least just change the oil every 8k miles, or in between propper services. No harm in it, and if you want to keep a vehicle into its 200k miles, this is the way to go. 


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There's more than an engine to look after (diffs and transfer box, lockers, etc), and I'd prefer a more regular inspection of a newly designed vehicle, along with updates and replacements for TSBs.


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> change the oil every 8k miles, or in between propper services.
> ...
> if you want to keep a vehicle into its 200k miles, this is the way to go

For a new car, I would probably change the oil after 8 or 10k as well, to get rid of the grit from production. But for the rest, I am relaxed. For my MB190D I once decided to change the oil every 50-60k. And this engine was like new when I sold it with 380000 km. The same for my current car, the MB Diesel, 22 years old:  It is at 310000 Km and I skip every second inspection. The motor is still perfect, burns less than one liter of oil per 10000 Km and is still as smooth as a Diesel can get, and starts immediately. At -10°C it takes three or four revs, but that's still brilliant.

All manufacturers calculate worst case intervals. They are ok for cars driven by morons, which stress the motor immediately at -20° C  or drive shortest distances without the motor ever getting really warm.

If one cares a bit for a cold engine and tries to avoid short distances, the intervals can easily at least be doubled. Ok, in off-road conditions things may differ depending on the load and thus on the operating temps. But for daily driving this is my experience and was even a (privately given) advice from a seasoned MB mechanic.

8k intervals are IMHO way overdone. But everyone in their own way, of course. I consider this an expensive luxury, especially for such big engines  that require a little more than two liters of oil.