Hello from the Sunshine State Australia

I am happy to announce my reservation and hope to be a Grenadier first responder.
I have been a keen off-road and 4x4 enthusiast since I was able to pedal a bike. I still have my first Trials bike purchased in 1974 and a Series 2 shorty purchased 20 years ago. Having lived and traveled around Australia plus having the Great Fraser island at my doorstep, I am having trouble waiting now 4 to 5 years for my Trialmaster[white with black roof]
Cheers to all.


Grenadier Ordered
Welcome to the Forum Max.

You will NOT have to wait that long to get one onto Fraser Island - 2023 for sure!

Don't you think a black roof may attract to much heat up there in QLD??
Hi Mark,
Thanks for your welcome. I am a member of the Sunshine Coast Land Rover club and l am looking forward to our yearly Fraser Island clean-up bash with other like-minded 4x4 clubs.
I was convinced some years ago about dark coloured roofs, if keep clean they reflect, mat black or dirty...whoops. We have a black roof 3008 Peugeot SUV at the moment, not an issue. But you are right about QLD we always use a mirror reflector on the dash when parked.


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Welcome. I can see a QLD Grenadier Club in the future. I am on The Gold Coast but as of tomorrow 12th May I will own a holiday house in sunny Toogoom just north of Hervey Bay. Fraser is definitely on my regular visit list. 
Fortunately, the club that I am a member of accepts all makes and models of 4x4s which is very cool. So DaveB I believe we will cross paths.


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Thanks Max, good to know about the use of black roofs up north in the hotter climates.

I really like the look of Mushroom with the black roof.