Hello from Suisse


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Hello out there.

Based in the French speaking part of Switzerland, we consider building an overland vehicle to hit the road in a few years as a family of four. The Grenadier, in particular the long-wheeled/pick-up version, has attracted all my attention… An electrified version would be a plus, but the time frame seems inadequate. Argh.

Looking forward to learning from your experience with the vehicle; its handling; the network; and, someday, buy one new or used to drive it far, far away for a long, long time.

Any suggestion, opinon, idea, on-going project links welcomed :)

All the best!


Yay! The group of Swiss Grenadier enthusiasts is growing! A very warm welcome to you from the German speaking part of Switzerland (-:


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Hey @Parallaxe, thanks for your kind words.

And for your previous posts: pretty useful to get up-to-date on the local situation :p