Grenadier Ordered now the waiting begins.


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Hi everyone, I can't wait for the Grenadier to arrive!

Whats your current drive and previous ones, everyone loves an automotive history.
I have a 2012 Volkswagen Amarok and a 2014 Volkswagen Passat AllTrack, the Passat isn't coping too well with what my wife and I are asking for it lately. I've ordered a Grenadier to replace it. The Amarok deals with the poor road conditions fine.Do you have any Off-roading / Exploration / Green-laning experience?Only what I need in order to access my home. It doesn't require much other than picking lines, a car with decent ground clearance and AWD to not make the track any worse than it already is. We're scraping the undecarriage of the passat when the roads get washed out, which they are regularly at the moment due to La Nina. I do some very occassional hikes in Morton NP that I'm glad I have the Amarok for as some of those tracks are not well maintained. I'm not looking to get into 4WD'ing as a hobby, just want a solid platform.Are you a prospective owner of a Grenadier or just casual observer?I've placed an order for a base model Grenadier in white with roobar, KO2's, privacy glass, smooth pack. I just wanted to get an order locked in, but now I want to add lockers (FOMO) and the panel fitted instead of rear windows.Whats your geographical location?South Coast of NSW, Australia