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Greetings from the Gold Coast Australia


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1:55 AM
Mar 18, 2022
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Toogoom, Fraser Coast Queensland
Hi all
I am planning on buying one but want to test drive one on road first.
They tell me demo models will arrive September/October which fits my timeline
I currently drive a Mercedes Benz C250CDI Coupe, which is great but totally impractical. 
I have previously owned many different cars including 3 Suzuki Sierra's,  Holden Drover, Toyota Hilux, Subaru Forester, Mazda BT50 & Toyota Landcruiser.
I was a member of the Toyota Landcruiser Club for a while and have done their training courses and some moderate off-roading. 
My employer pays me a car allowance and I have been looking at what to get to replace my current car at the end of this year. My budget is around AUD$100,000 and I want something which is different, interesting, quirky and capable of driving long distances on highways, gravel/dirt roads, beaches & National Park tracks. 
As I am 59 years old I am looking for a vehicle I can pay off in 5 years but will last me for 15-20 years. 
That pretty much rules out all the basic SUV's 
Looking at the high end Mercedes GLC/GLE, BMW & Audi the build quality is great but I wouldn't want to get one out of warranty.
Apart from the G wagon they are not really practical for muddy tracks, dirty boots or trips to the hardware or landscaping shops. 
The Grenadier seems like it was made for me. 
So I will buy one on the day I take the test drive if Ok
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