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Whats your current drive and previous ones, everyone loves an automotive history.I drive a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser.  I have always loved being outdoors and this vehicle was given to me by my brother who thought my daughter would want to drive it.  She was just getting her license.  But, she thought it was too big so I happily took it off her hands and switched cars with her.  

I knew nothing about Land Cruisers at the time and started reading the forum IH8MUD for Toyotas.  I learned a ton.  My engine was rebuilt at 198K miles by one of the best Land Cruiser Mechanics in America.  He happened to live in Boulder Colorado so I got to watch him rebuild my engine.  Since then, I have had 0 issues with the engine, some other issues to deal with but overall, I love my 80 Series. 

I would like something more modern that can take my up our highways and mountain passes a little easier but I love the look of these and they really won me on the interior.  Love the old school, Apollo 13 look. Do you have any Off-roading / Exploration / Green-laning experience?I have since taken some courses in driving and recovery and I have participated in a number of Toyota Off Road events such as Cruise Moab and FJ Summit.  I prefer to do more overlanding style type trips than rock crawling and love fly fishing.  I typically combine an overlanding trip with fly fishing by picking different rivers, and then taking back country routes to get to my next fishing spot.  Are you a prospective owner of a Grenadier or just casual observer?I am a prospective owner of the Grenadier if it comes to America.  I love my 80 but I just think the Grenadier being purpose built just for what I like to do could be interesting.  I think I will put a deposit down when I can and see. Whats your geographical location?

I am in Denver Colorado, the Rocky Mountains.  I am within 30 miles of Gold Medal Trout Waters and can be out of cell coverage in half an hour drive.  Come visit!!


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David you win the trophy for introductions with this one line

"Love the old school, Apollo 13 look"

Lets hope that they get the Grenadier to  the States and that you get to make one part of your daily life.

Be careful offering an invitation for people to come and visit, they may just take out up on the offer.


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I read somewhere (don't recall) that Colorado may have a location.  So, I'm with you @Stu_Barnes.  Everyone is welcome to Colorado!!  Fly fish and off-road with me!!