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So I'm sure we've all been obsessing over the released brochure, carefully taking in every picture, every word, and every number.  Here are the things that stick out to me:

Saddle leather pack seems to be much darker in some pictures, and seems to include the front passenger dash grab handle.  I definitely like more bits getting the saddle treatment, and would welcome other bits (trans shift boot please?).  I think I like the darker leather better, but I'll have to see more pictures.

Grill.  Seems about 60/40 split between an all-black and a black with chrome/aluminum highlights.  I much prefer the all-black, the shiny accents are too busy for my taste.  Will be very interested to see which makes it to final production (or if it's an option?)

She's heavy.  Curb weight is similar to my V8 Tundra CrewMax.  Which is 3 feet longer.

Turning circle could be better -again, equal to my Tundra CrewMax, which has a 145.7" wheelbase and 229" length.

Gas mileage isn't super.  The brochure surely lists mileage in Imperial gallons, which are 5 quarts, not 4 quarts for US gallons.  So that puts Euro combined cycle at 17 US MPG roughly, model and option dependent.  Was hoping for a little more, honestly.

Powder coated frame color options?  Really?  What's the uptake going to be like on those options?  Gray is subtle, but so subtle why add the extra cost?  And red?  Unless it's some kind of show car, I don't see the point?

The Rough Pack (front/rear diff locks and KO2s) for
Great points.. I was also surprised at how heavy she is. It’s about 400kg more than the new defenders and 100-200 kg more than the new Landcruiser 300. I am guessing the frame and drive train are are just a bit more solid compared to some of the competitors as its not overly equiped with a lot of options. It’s also worth noting its front bumper is steel and the roof it reinforced to allow more load carrying. Overall  I think it’s a good thing but clearly will have an impact on fuel consumption and sand driving . 
I think the saddle leather pack will look great when paired with the  seat covers they used in the ‘last mile’ episode featuring Eluid kipchoge . That vehicle by the way seems to have larger 35 inch tyres which I thought looked really good! I am also really eager to see some of the finer details regarding the options and accessories. 
overall I am pretty happy with the vehicle. It is heavy but if that weight is to make it stronger with a heavier duty drive train then it’s worth it for
me. I too like the trial master and will probably just add the Roo Bar (Aussie spec), winch, seat covers and the roof cross bars.   


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She certainly is on the heavy side. (My 1983 MB G wagon, with ladder frame, solid axels etc. is 2,000kg, mind you she only has 140HP!). Although, when you consider the extra weight for ladder frame etc. - a BMW X5 is 2,500kg.

Fuel consumption is probably OK (averaging 14.2 Lt per 100km (petrol engine)), esp. when you compare to, say, the BMW X5 with similar engine  that has 13.7 Lt per 100km.

Overall, I am super impressed in what they have delivered. The options are what is needed & are well priced.

They need to get their configurator back up and running - before 18 May - with all options & pricing, even if not all the options can be visually seen but, to enable buyers to build up their tailored car with the relevant pricing.

There are some little things frustrating - like:
what do the optional floor mats look like and can they be fitted over the rubber floors or just if you have carpet?
privacy glass - all windows or just rear?
whats in the roadside emergency kits?
What does the roo bar & side bars look like, their weight etc.?
More details/photos of the cargo management system



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I  know what mpg is. But my questions is, what makes you think they mean imperial gallons instead of US gallons?


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Hi All.
I cannot seem to find the Brochure which some are talking about.  I have the price lists, but nothing else.  Is there a glossy brochure with all the specs on it?


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Is there an Australian Brochure?  Some of the weights etc are different in Australia that the UK
At this stage it's the U.K. brochure... some of the stats are different... e.g.  tow ball weight shows as 150kg but in Aus it's 350kg.  Best wait for the Aus version my thinking.


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emax said:
I  know what mpg is. But my questions is, what makes you think they mean imperial gallons instead of US gallons?

@emax I thought this was evident.  The brochure we've seen is the UK brochure.  In the UK, MPG is quoted as miles traveled per Imperial Gallon (4.55 liters).

Further, there is the prevailing opinion online that European MPG test cycles are easier and produce higher numbers than the US EPA test cycles.

Hope this helps clear things up!
Less MPG than hoped, better than feared.   Assuming it will actually get 18 (US) highway that's just a little less than my 2009 GMC 2500 with a 6.6L Duamax.  Truck has over 200K miles and has dropped a little.I still get 20 if not driving into a screaming Kansas head wind.   So...perhaps MPG is useable for long haul travel.   All the same I wish they'd team with GMC for install of the 3.0L 6 CYL Diesel running in their 1500s now.   28 to 34 MPG.  

Options seem to come without the US options/package trap.   Looks like you really can get what you want and avoid the stuff you don't want.


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Can anyone explain why the nato tow hitch isn’t available on the trial/field master but is on the utility versions? I also don’t get why the 5 seat utility version doesn’t seem to have listed max luggage volume/lengths behind the first row of seats. Does this imply the 5 seat utility can’t fold down the rear seats? I’m basing this off of the U.K. brochure and price list.

I’m interested in building up a 5 seat utility to a similar spec to the trial master as I prefer the slightly larger cargo volume but only if I can fold down the rear seats.


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@TnUplander Also, the brochure quotes combined cycle.  So if it's in the 17-18ish range for combined, US EPA highway may yet actually be 20.  Like you said, usable for travel, better than feared.  I imagine it will be highly speed dependent as well, the windshield is literally a flat piece of glass.  90 liter tank is 23.8 US gallons.  20 MPG x 23.8 Gallons = 476 miles.  As I get older, that's probably more miles than my bladder lasts.  LOL
So tried to compare the B58 in the X5 to B58 here.   Lower HP and Higher Torque in the Grenadier which is I think what one would expect of a re-tune.  I apologize I didn't write down the numbers.  Furthermore, I used the US BMW page.   So I don't know if a fair comparison or not.   

The whole UK vs US MPG is a bag of questions for those of us who don't know much.   US does City/Hwy while UK does this "combined" thing as d1rty points out.  What does "combined" mean relative to our approach?

Finally...can't tell what fuel they are calling for.  Someone opined in the past that the re-tune was going to get it to 87 octane.   Ideas?  What octane level does the UK use?  

If Cornwallis hadn't screwed things up so bad we wouldn't have to be doing all of these conversions to get the numbers we need.


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As a non-native english speaker I sometimes have to use to understand what's usually not in any dictionary.

In this case, the thing was "Cornwallis", I never heard this name before. Here is, what has to say about him.
This really made me laugh ? : 

A bit harsh!  Personally I'd blame Banastre Tarleton for starting the beginning of the end, but then he worked for the buck's gotta stop somewhere.   But saying ANYONE was a much of an idiot and Chamberlain....even close to it...that's pretty darned harsh.

But we digress....