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New to Overlanding!  But accustomed to outdoor adventures.I live in Montreal.  At one time, I traveled a lot in northern Quebec.The Grenadier meets everything I want from an expedition vehicle.  There's only the choice of colors that I find from another era... for the price, it is well of its time... maybe a little to much...
Nouveau venu à l’overlanding ! Mais habitué aux aventures plein air.J’habite Montréal. À une époque, je voyageais beaucoup au nord du Québec.Le Grenadier rencontre tout ce que je souhaite d’un véhicule d’expéditions. Y’a que le choix des couleurs que je trouve d’une autre époque… quant au prix lui, il est bien de son temps… peut-être un peu trop…


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Welcome to the forum. I accepted the fact that they don’t really offer the color I wanted a long time ago. So I’ll either go with a  wrap or leave it covered with mud ? 


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Thank you for the welcoming !With the very dense forests of the Canadian north, a rap is absolutely necessary.  Transparent / slightly matte / slightly colored?  Decision to be made from true colors.  Not the computer-generated ones found on the configurator…First of all, an agreement with my son… for the moment, our tastes differ.  I'm more of a 'retro Defender' style, he is, dark metallic... Without an agreement, the mud will prevail...


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In my older years, I have gone white for the simple reason it doesn't always look dirty, it just gradually goes a darker white...I love black but have kept that for the motorcycle.

Mud is good! ?