Alu cab posted a video on youtube


Founding Guard
I'm at work but just got a notification that AluCab just posted a video about the Grenadier.  They even noted that they may have already figured put a way to take off the roof


Founding Guard
Oh nice video!! I am glad they got the wiring looms to travel in one area down the A-Pillar. Makes camptop conversions easy but also tracing and wiring a whole lot easier.

That battery compartment with the fuse box, keeps impressing me. Clean, spacious and ripe for a proper build out.


Grenadier Ordered
In another video there was talk of Ineos actually "giving" surplus prototypes to major after-market firms (Alu-Cab, ARB/old ManEmu) for testing new products...  the rationale being that Ineos was in the business of building the 4x4, not competing with after-market firms and adding additional cost to get the after-market bits certified by the relevant national transport authorities.  Can only speculate that this could be a boon to the ultimate consumer in terms of reduced cost and time to market.


AluCab doing a roof conversion is a big part of the equation of my getting the Grenadier.  If not, it may have to be a Gladiator with the Canopy Camper. 

I wish AluCab had a JL version to compete with Ursa.  They just need to include a modified back half of the roll bar to maximize livability and bed access when you have two people. 
all indications point to AC trying to do a Grenadier version.