A different opinion from Down-under!

Quite a few good points raised about this vehicle, I wonder how many of those issues/concerns will actually be addressed before actual production.  Most reviewers have been subjectively just giddy about the Grenadier, nice to have a very objective pov on this vehicle.  
Many of the points that were brought up were already raised before in different forums. I'm sure everyone is part of a facebook or reddit forum that is complaining about the 90litre diesel fuel tank. Recently, I've been looking at the G-Wagon 461. All in all, the Grenadier has an edge. 

I think reviewers have to be positive and control their negatively else who's going to lend cars to them or invite them for press releases? Hardly any manufacturers are giving ASPW from 4XOverland cars to review? He has to ask openly on his video for a test vehicle. I wonder if his review of the 2020 Defender was supplied by a subscriber or a friend rather than JLR. 

That said, Stefan does very good reviews and posts about his travels. If your needs are similar to his, then what he says will have much more relevance to you.