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  1. AnD3rew

    So much wrong but such enthusiasm

    This guy is obviously a fan and very enthusiastic, I believe he is the guy that went up beer o’clock hill in his Grenadier. But so much he gets wrong. Needs to spend some time here. View:
  2. S

    Clock is wrong if set to automatic mode?! T

    Hi, Just found clock in the infotainment system was set on manual mode. Now I set it to automatic mode and the system sets it wrong by 1hour. GMT is set right (GMT+1) and even if would be wrong I can’t change it. Daylight saving (Sommerzeit) is also turned on. So normally I should have the...
  3. emax

    Locked in: I signed my (wrong) contract.

    It is the first time in my life that I signed an obviously wrong contract. - Version 1 had a price that was about 2000€ too high and had a wrong option list: A roof rack that I never ordered. - Version 2 has the correct option list, but still a price a bit too high: 118,99€. Half a dozen mails...
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