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  1. R

    Is this a wrap? If so, is the template available?

    The early prototype models had interesting highlights. I‘ve seen this pattern on a least three different prototypes and colors. Is this a wrap? Is so, does anyone know where to source the template? Example from a Forbes article:
  2. 21DFND

    PPF Matt Wrap

    So, I Pick up my Grenadier almost 2 weeks ago, Had it for less than 24hrs before dropping it off for a PPF Full body Matt finish Wrap. I also was away for work for 11 days and just got back Today. My First objective was not to go home to my Wife after a 10hr drive but to go directly to see the...
  3. holdmybeer

    Possible to match Scottish White to vinyl wrap & wheel paint?

    Title says it all. If the contrast roof was a normal/true white then I know a 3M white vinyl and any white powder coat (or even a good rattle-can job) would do the trick. Matching wheels and a partial wrap (e.g. bonnet & rear door) is what I'm noodling on. But IG contrast white roofs are...
  4. O

    Contrast Roof: Aftermarket ‘wrap’?

    Does anyone know the approximate cost of using a ‘wrap’ to create a “Contrast Roof”? (Factory price for paint is 1,200 USD.)
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