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  1. oldblueeyes

    Wireless Android Auto Disconnecting Every Hour or So

    I picked up my Grenadier about 3 weeks ago. It is a MY2024 and I'm in NA. For some odd reason, the MY2024 doesn't have standard WIRED Android Auto and only has wireless. I have a few Android devices ranging from Samsung to Pixels and none are older than a generation back. My Pixel 8 Pro is my...
  2. K1LL3M

    Android Auto - Wireless Devices

    With the intent of have wireless android auto (2023 that this was not implemented when apple car play was is bewildering) I have been seeking devices to enable this. One of these and the top of my list was the Ottocast A2 Air Pro...
  3. Bobby Mac

    Wireless rear view camera

    Being old and illiterate on the modern electrical systems and their sensitivities, can someone please advise if it is possible to have a wireless rear view camera that could display on the vehicle screen? I would prefer to use that rather than have to mount another screen somewhere. If it is...
  4. Jean Mercier

    wireless phone charger

    Sometimes I am jealous of other people, and I think: I want that too. For instance somebody whom inherits 100 million dollars from a former army general of Khadafi. :ROFLMAO: I installed myself a cheap Chinese rear-view camera in my Suzuki Grand Vitara after my wife bought a new car with a...
  5. emax

    Enable Wireless Android Auto on your Galaxy device

    This video explains how to make AA work wirelessly. It is from 2019, though. However, this might still work, at least for some versions and/or devices, even other than Galaxy ones.
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