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western australia

  1. W

    Hi From Perth Western Australia

    I am a retired mechanical engineer living in Perth WA. I first saw the Grenadier at a camping show last year and its interior, exterior and specification impressed me. Having lived in the Pilbara in the 80s I have watched the growth of 4WDs with interest but apart from the GQ Patrol I owned for...
  2. Craig

    Australasia Got it!

  3. ninetubes

    Build Thread @ninetubes - overlanding build - western australia

    I collected my donny grey TM diesel in July 2023 to replace my old 2016 defender 90 (i still miss it dearly). I spec'd it without the sunroofs as i have a roof rack, and without the bar/winch as I'd prefer to see what comes up aftermarket. Over the last few months I've been busy learning about...
  4. W

    Australasia WA Deliveries

    My vehicle arrived in WA late September 2023. I have yet to get confirmation as to when I can pick it up. I believe that there were about 20 Grenadiers in this particular batch. Has anyone taken delivery from this batch…thanks
  5. HandyAndy

    Hi from Western Australia!

    Hi all, Great to see such exciting and enthusiastic global community growing around this great vehicle! Have joined a Grenadier group here in West Aus and met some great people already! I took delivery on Friday afternoon (4/8/23) and boy can I tell you it was worth the wait! Love it and...
  6. IG75

    Australasia WA leading the way

  7. Nocrays

    Australasia WA Contracts and Deliveries

    Well after an agonizing 1 year and 8 days from ordering - the Contract arrived this evening. One small issue in the accessories but looks like im moving forward a square! Happy days.
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