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  1. O

    Dinner Plain Polo

    Just saw this on the Aussie owners group on Facebook. Tempted to make the trip down across the border to Mexico (Victoria for those who don't know our cross-border in-jokes) from Sydney even though I don't have my G yet. This is the link from the post for anyone who's keen...
  2. Dre

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi All, I picked up my diesel model back in late August and have been very happy with it. I've gone for the dark green and kitted it out as part of my initial order so it seems I'm one of the few with the picnic table built in. I've gone with the Roo bar in front, snorkel, rock sliders for added...
  3. gigglepot

    Australasia 2.5 tonne insurance issue with RACV in Victoria Australia

    It pays to read the fine print. RACV and many other insurance companies offer a new vehicle replacement if your car is a total write off in the first two years (as does the RACV). I questioned this and confirmed that even thought the RACV is listing its Market Value at $109k that they would...
  4. grenadierboy

    Australasia INEOS 4x4 Club of Victoria

    Today, the INEOS 4x4 Club of Victoria Inc. was established at the Australian head offices of INEOS Automotive in Melbourne, by a group of enthausiastic Grenadier owners & soon-to-be-owners. By-laws were accepted, committee members elected and over the coming days/weeks a range of administration...
  5. Mumblepants

    Australasia Mt Buller Partnership

    Aus, We’re getting closer! Be good to see in the snow and how she handles slippery conditions also check out the heated seats.
  6. S

    New From Melboune Victoria

    G'Day everyone, Got my vehicle arriving July for August delivery .. Look forward to the chats on "options for off-road fit outs" as they become more readily available :) Scott
  7. SirJimR

    Dinner Plain Polo (Australia)

    Got this email overnight about an event in Victoria, Australia. Sounds like a unique event with a bit of history behind it. Event Link: CLICK HERE
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