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utility rail

  1. G

    Interior Utility rail dimensions

    I am looking for the dimensions below if anyone has it please. L-track width, pitch and hole diameter. They are a number of different aftermarket sizes and pitches, so just want o to make sure I buy the correct one.
  2. O

    eBay Alloy rear side window table shelf/storage rack

    Saw this on eBay today. Has anyone here fitted one of these? Looks like a neat dual use for the utility rails. The seller seems reputable, but my only concern is that it's a made-in-china type of product. Thoughts...
  3. j3t3r

    Interior Utility Rail Compatibility

    Does anyone know if the Interior Utility Rail Belt is standard size and accepts normal SS Anchors? I already had some and didn't want to spend $60 to purchase from Ineos. It's just a single stud fitting SS-Anchor
  4. C

    UHF Installation. Under glove box radio, concealed wiring, utility rail antenna mount

    Thought I'd post my UHF installation. Not as detailed as some other forum members, but hopefully clear enough to see the approach. Not having a bullbar yet (don't like the IG offering), I decided to mount the Antenna on the Passenger side rear utility rail. I also wanted concealed wiring and no...
  5. MileHigh

    IG alternative to Jeep ducks- add-on for the utility rail?

    I was thinking about the Jeep use of ducks left for other owners. For the IG, I think that the cargo rail on the side would be a perfect way to acknowledge someone’s IG. Make something compatible with that attachment point. My idea is that you take the standard attachement point, and then...
  6. emax

    Made my GoPro camera mount for the utility rail

    Yesterday, I made my GoPro camera mount for the utility rail. I used the fittings I have shown here: The photographs are partially a bit unsharp as it was already getting dark when I mounted them. The...
  7. ADVAW8S

    Q&A Americas Utility Rails

    When you select the bumper strip option, does that eliminate all L track. When you look at the picture in the configurator, it looks like the front and rear door is elimated but the rear window is still showing L track
  8. das mo

    Custom Camper Works

    Moin. I would love to open this as a central space for people to post and exchange on their custom build of furniture and camper goodies in and all around the Grenadier. Had some airline tracks and fitting arriving today. First thing I want to play around with, as it does not need exact...
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