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  1. O

    UHF Radio Center Cubby Installation

    I have installed (more of a ‘placement‘ really) a Midland MXT275 GMRS (UHF) 15 watt Radio in the center cubby, where it is plugged in to the car’s cigarette lighter style power point. The very thin antenna cable is tucked up along the right side of the enter console, under the dash, past the...
  2. C

    UHF Installation. Under glove box radio, concealed wiring, utility rail antenna mount

    Thought I'd post my UHF installation. Not as detailed as some other forum members, but hopefully clear enough to see the approach. Not having a bullbar yet (don't like the IG offering), I decided to mount the Antenna on the Passenger side rear utility rail. I also wanted concealed wiring and no...
  3. MrMike

    UHF installation

    Hi everyone, here's a video from John Canny about installing a UHF without cutting any holes in your precious IG 😉 View:
  4. Telliottaus

    Under dash UHF radio install

    This is a short description of my install of my UHF radio under my steering wheel with the antenna (temporarily) attached to the grab rails. I'm still waiting for my roof rack. My vehicle is RHD with aux power. I used the grommet for my power outlets, under the grab bars. Removed the grab bar...
  5. C

    Hello from Cheshire, UK

    Hi, Inky black, 2-seat utility wagon (N1 commercial) ordered February 23. Rough + smooth packs, L-track cargo rails and outside, Petrol, rhino rack, light bar. Communication van; a retirement project. Several Euro pallet based modular amateur radio rigs to be loaded for different events e.g...
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