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  1. Deekayy

    Rotate tyres after a certain mileage on the vehicle?

    Hello everyone, A question for the techies here in the forum. In the past, manufacturers sometimes advised that it makes sense to rotate tyres after a certain mileage on the vehicle. On my old Pajero, for example, there was the scheme: Spare wheel on rear left Rear left to front left Front...
  2. A

    Sand tyres on the Feildmaster

    I hope everyone is enjoying their Grenadiers. I would like to share the new addition to my car (Shaheen tires) 900/18 which in my opinion looks and drives better than the KO2s
  3. Baron von Teuchter

    Winter tyres

    I live in a rural part of North Scotland, about 57.5°N, not huge elevation, my house is about 250m. Our roads don’t get cleared of snow, the nearest town is 10 miles away. We generally have snow for 2-3 months of the year, often up to a metre of actual snowfall but it drifts obviously, one year...
  4. Traveling Marvin

    TPMS - The Quest for a second set of tyres/rims/sensors - Technical

    I know that the TPMS system is discussed in various threads, and I hope I have read most of them. But there was no conclusion. I finally decided to postpone the order of new Ineos steel rims + sensors for my winter tyres since (and change tires on my existing rims instead) since ... INEOS...
  5. harost

    CTIS (Central Tyres Inflation System)

    Did anyone think about installing a CTIS (Central Tyres Inflation System)? Trying to find out who did the one of the Mercedes G6x6 but limited info so far online. Trying to pick the community brain here, so as to find pros & cons, after market system’s available, type and models etc
  6. K1LL3M

    Bigger tyres > 255/85r17

    I've just done a test fit with Mickey Thompson (MT) Baja Boss AT tyres in 255/85r17 The MT website states the tyre diameter is 879mm (34.606 inches). MT tyres run big with the calculated size of a 255/85r17 being 865.3mm Of interest MT quotes a true 35x12.5 at 876mm (34.488 inches) so these...
  7. Tom D

    For Sale or swap.. 18”wheels tyres… Snorkel wanted

    Seems like we don’t have a classified section yet, maybe we should get one? Anyway, I am buying the grenadier that has become available as mentioned in the sick of waiting thread. It has the 18” steel wheels and BFG tyres and I need 17‘s so if anyone is looking for a spare / winter set they...
  8. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will the spare tyre be a full 5th rim matching the other 4 or a steel one?

    Will the spare tyre be a full 5th rim matching the other 4 or a steel one?
  9. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will there be a lifted or larger tyre option for NA?

    Will there be al lifted or larger tyre option for NA?
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