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trial master

  1. S

    Trial master in my garage!

    Hi everybody! So excited to be a Grenadier owner. Picked mine up in San Diego a week ago a. I haven’t had a chance to do anything off-road yet, but the drive up to Sonoma County from San Diego was amazing. The performance and on road manners were way better than I had ever expected...
  2. Coco

    Pick up my IG(Trial Master, Donny grey) yesterday and drove 400miles, now I have a newbie questions.

    Right after picked up at SoCal, I had to drive up to NorCal. it was 7 hours long drive on the highway with a lot of curve, hills, high wind, and bugs. now I have a coupe of feedback and questions for existing owners. 1. Steering- I knew its not responsive. and I felt it during test drive, but...
  3. R

    Hello from Needham Ma. Just picked up my Ineos Trialmaster.

    Looking forward to enjoying the car on and off road and meeting fellow owners
  4. Marine bushman

    Build Thread Building My African Overlander

    So the Big Day eventually Arrived and I took delivery of my Trail Master in Scottish White Now it was time to start my build and long list of changes that I have been planning for Months and months reading this Forum and any other that I could. First Step was to Upgrade the sound system. i...
  5. LC0013

    Americas Took delivery of my Trial Master

    Wife and I drove down to Plano Texas (Sewell Ineos Grenadier) to pick up our Trial Master (reserved 9-29-21). We had plenty of communication from Sewell throughout the process including the vehicles arrival in port, when it arrived in Texas, Vin S/N (helped in getting insurance), tow hitch...
  6. N

    Trial Master and a Conquerer 490

    I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience towing the Conquerer UEV 490 with the TrialMaster; if so I was wondering what your pro's and con's might be? Thanks! Exterior Length 5140mm Exterior Width 2045mm Exterior Height 2245mm Suspension2.5t Independent Tare1380kg GVM1800kg
  7. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Wheel Rim Options also needed for Field Master Edition

    Both Trial Master and Station Wagon Editions allow choices of Rims, Why Can't you offer same Rim choices on Field Master configurator. Currently your only choice is the 18" alloys. Please change to allow Wheel/Rim choices like Trial Master and Station Wagon Edition configurators already allow.
  8. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will the NA market get a base model or only Trial Master and Field Master and Belstaff?

    Will the NA market get a base model or only Trial Master and Field Master and Belstaff?
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