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  1. F

    North Georgia USA Off Road Suggestions (Fire Roads / Trails)

    Southeast Grenadier Friends, as I'm brand new to the brand and real off-road capability, I would like to get some suggestions for fire roads/trails in North Georgia that might allow me to explore the capabilities of my Trialmaster. Any suggestions?
  2. W

    What European drives/trails would you recommend (for a UK based beginner)

    Hi can any body recommend some European offroad routes to christen the Grenadier? Looking for something dramatic but not too demanding (due to my low skill levels)
  3. Stu_Barnes

    Which Trails/Journeys/Trials would you like to see INEOS attempt with the Grenadier ??

    On the event on Wednesday in LA (8'th March 2023) there was a passing comment about future plans for the Grenadier to go to a few more famous places for a drive. I've sat on this a few days and gone over it a few times in the context of the conversation and am sure that there was no explicit...
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