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  1. Greenlane Overland Co

    Perfect tire pressure may help with steering.

    Are you trying to decide what the best PSI is for the tires on your grenadier? Whether you’ve outfitted it with rooftop tent and the kitchen sink, or you’re just picking up coffee at Starbucks. Take your vehicle to a certified CAT scale and they will give you the axle weight for front and...
  2. C

    Steering stabilizer bar

    Has anyone seen the YouTube video from Agile Off-road on their custom Fox steering stabilizer bar for the Grenadier? Have you tried it out? If so, what do you think? Also related - if you had it installed, do you know if it voids the warranty?
  3. RickTok

    Americas Grenadier owner near Vancouver, Washington State needed for steering stabilizer R&D measure.

    Roadmaster is looking for someone with a Grenadier in Washington State to develop a return to center steering stabilizer. Reach out to: Abraham Servellon Exact Center Production Manager ROADMASTER Inc. 6110 NE 127th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98682 +1 (800) 669-9690...
  4. Jean Mercier

    loose nut of front stabilizer

    As I have some "noises" since I did some off-road and stone tracks some weeks ago, I regularly try to find out what's wrong. Yesterday, as my left front wheel was in a "left turn" position, I could easily inspect the wiring and conduits. I also grabbed with my hands several parts and tried to...
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