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  1. JohnHeagney

    Driving on snow

    This morning was the first time driving on snow with ice underneath at times, having become used to me “old” “Proper” Defender I am really delighted at how good the Grenadier is on the white stuff. I have BFG AT KO2’s on both vehicles, good tyres. Up a snow covered bank, very sure footed and...
  2. Barttraeger

    Snow Chains

    I used to use snow chains on my defender in deep snow in Bosnian winters in the mountains. Any one have any thoughts on the best chains for the Grenadier or even if they are superfluous? RUD look professional but at 800 euros a pair they aren’t cheap. I have 265 / 70 / 17 BFG Goodrich tyres. I...
  3. H

    Snow Driving

    Curious for those of us that live in aggressive winter climates what the winter tire selection would be. I’m thinking the A/T’s will be my summer tires and then studded Hakkapeliitta for winter driving. Debating getting a second set of rims to make the changeover easier as well. Is anyone...
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