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  1. beanohallett

    Steering Wheel Security locking bar

    Good morning Folks, Has anyone got a recommendation for a steering wheel security locking bar that they have used in their Grenadier which is a good fit Looking to get one Kind regards Garry
  2. Stu_Barnes

    Site Security

    So after the recent new accounts advertising their flight deals and other wonderful things we have changed the signup security service for the forum. Hopefully it helps, the wildly off topic posts about gorillas in bikinis however I can't really stop...
  3. JohnHeagney

    Built in security systems

    Hi, Happy New Year to all! Along with many others, I can’t wait to get hold of my new Grenadier! One subject that doesn’t seem to have yielded any substantive answers is that of built in security. On the basis that Grenadiers will be in demand, I have a Defender with various after market...
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