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  1. Highwayman

    CTEK Smartpass Safety Notice

    Apologies if this has already been discussed in other threads, but this was the first I had seen the Safety Notice from CTEK regarding the SmartPass. It appears the SmartPass is very sensitive to short circuits, and if used afterwards can overheat. Link to overall notice...
  2. [ Adam ]

    Americas Safety Inspection - Lights not DOT Marked

    According to a post on Facebook, it looks like a Virginia state inspector failed a Grenadier because the lights were not marked with DOT. If this is the case, this will be expensive for Ineos to fix. Can anyone take a survey of their vehicle and document which lights are, and which lights are...
  3. don't ignore warning ligh

    I absolutely loved my Grenadier can anyone help ?

    Our beautiful green car is less than six months old. Along with many other owners we experienced lots of warning lights and disturbing noises which we were told to ignore and wait for a software update. Unfortunately before the update was available we had warning lights which should not be...
  4. R

    Safety rating/ car seats

    Hello all, I have planned a build, and set up a registration. Our plan is to use this as the family road trip/ camping/ overlanding rig. Eventually maybe towing a small overlanding trailer. My question is this: Has anybody seen safety specs? I have googled them, but nothing readily comes up...
  5. Jean Mercier

    Fire Extinguisher - mandatory in Belgium

  6. Wayneos

    Bull/Roo Bars unsafe?

    Interesting video on the detrimental aspects of bull/roo bars here: Given that the Grenny bullbar is a three piece design (at least here in Australia, as mentioned by Justin Hocevar in this vid - ) and not a single piece unit like an ARB for eg, I'm wondering if they crash tested the Grenny...
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