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rock sliders

  1. OEM Sliders

    For sale OEM Sliders

    OEM sliders removed for an after market option. The left slider has some rubbing evident from a mound of dirt on the bank of a creek I was maneuvering around. Will be cleaned, prepped, and detailed. Will consider shipping, as I get greatly discounted shipping rates.
    or best offer
  2. Rock Sliders

    For sale Rock Sliders

    Genuine Ineos part, bought the rock sliders with the original spec of the vehicle which look great fitted (but which took ages to come!). Decided I needed side steps at my age! The listed price of these is £883 according to the Ineos price list - they are substantial and weigh a ton! Fitting...
  3. RyanT

    Buzz Overland - product showcase: Rock Sliders

    Buzz Special Vehicles are extremely pleased to announce that we are the official UK distributor for AEV. You can browse and shop AEV products here: New products are being listed daily so keep a look out and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to...
  4. DCPU

    Aftermarket Rock Sliders from ABNTR4x4

    Look nice and tight underneath. 👍
  5. DaBull

    Electric Deployable Side Steps / Rock Sliders

    There is a company called Rock Slider Engineering in Utah that makes an electric deployable side step and features an add on option steel plate to make it a proper rock slider too. Since they are in Utah, they test them out at Moab. They don't yet support the Grenadier. If you interested at...
  6. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Will Ineos allow you to spec a heavier spring in your build than their build sheet generates.

    If I decide to not option either the side steps or rock sliders because I prefers an aftermarket solution, will Ineos allow us to request a heavier spring set up as if we did option either a side step or rock slider. That way, when we put on an after market side step or rock slider, the vehicle...
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