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    FM Radio

    I have managed to save a few FM Radio stations, but I can't find a way to change stations without going back to the radio audio menu. I can get the radio to search with a long press on the steering wheel audio controls, but a quick press will not change the station. What am I missing?
  2. J

    Americas Radio and sound system

    Got a new US build about a week ago and I love it. I can’t figure out the radio though. Is it possible to set and view favorite XM radio stations? For the life of me I cannot figure it out. I did find today that you can adjust the subwoofer settings on the sub and make it sound a lot better.
  3. K

    Amateur Radio Installation

    I've just received my new Grenadier--what an amazing vehicle! I'm looking for solutions related to the installation of amateur radio /GMRS (to include antenna considerations without holes in the roof).
  4. greg_the_grenadier

    Local Area Thread Radio Problem

    Hi there! We have already driven about 14000km with our Grenadier and are actually very satisfied. So far, only two things bother us particularly badly: the heating and the radio. The radio sometimes becomes independent at FM. It starts a channel search, which runs backwards. In addition, it...
  5. AaronS

    Amateur (HAM) Radio Installs...

    Looking for ideas, tips, discoveries regarding 2-way radio installations. My goal is to install an Yaesu FTM-500. Right now leaning towards: hood lip antenna mount, radio body under the rear seats, control head ... still searching... overhead panel?
  6. O

    UHF Radio Center Cubby Installation

    I have installed (more of a ‘placement‘ really) a Midland MXT275 GMRS (UHF) 15 watt Radio in the center cubby, where it is plugged in to the car’s cigarette lighter style power point. The very thin antenna cable is tucked up along the right side of the enter console, under the dash, past the...
  7. Acki

    Local Area Thread DAB Radio in der Schweiz

    Hallo in die Runde Durfte heute meinen Grenadier abholen ... perfektes Weihnachtsgeschenk! :) Heimfahrt und alles weitere klappt perfekt … nur DAB-Radio leider nicht :cry: Die Automatische Sendersuche endet sehr schnell mit "Keine Sender gefunden“. Was kann man da tun? Gibt es irgendwelche...
  8. McPharmer II

    Build Thread Conversion to a fire engine

    Hello to the forum. First of all: Since my English is not so good, I wrote the text in German and had Google Translator translated. Maybe it reads a little bumpy. I apologize for that. Here is a short conversion report. Before the questions come about how: is he allowed to do that? Is that...
  9. Telliottaus

    Under dash UHF radio install

    This is a short description of my install of my UHF radio under my steering wheel with the antenna (temporarily) attached to the grab rails. I'm still waiting for my roof rack. My vehicle is RHD with aux power. I used the grommet for my power outlets, under the grab bars. Removed the grab bar...
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