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  1. holdmybeer

    China vs USA build quality

    I bring this up here because I've seen some opinions about "Chinese junk" on the forum. (And I've mostly agreed.) I personally still have an old-fashioned bias that says "made in the USA (or Canada or Europe)" is probably better than "made in China". For most things. But is it? I think it's...
  2. YellowLab

    Build Quality

    So test drove a new Field Master (120 Miles on it) at the dealer. Drove better than I expected with zero body roll or nose plow - and steering was better than I expected - seems it will be easy to get used to after the first return to center makes you see your life flash before you if not...
  3. emax

    My Impressions When Looking At The Underbody Of The Grenadier.

    Since there appears to be some uncertainty from time to time in the forum about the quality of the Grenadier, here is my view after my last visit at my agent. My uncertainty, if it was there at all, completely disappeared when I visited K+E on Wednesday. I had asked to have a look at the car...
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