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  1. ADVAW8S

    Problems in your Grenadier

    Can we all come to agreement and establish a standard when discussing a issue/problem with Grenadier. Please state the engine, RHD/LHD, model and if applicable to issue the set up. It will help others who might or might not have a issue. Thank you in advance for your attention.
  2. pioneerofthenile

    will all the grenadier problems be addressed/fixed before rolling out in the USA

    seems like there are many and new problems daily just reported on this site. i also believe that the scope of the issues are bigger and broader as well. will there be a recall and will the rollout be pushed back in the USA? will there be any addressing to : -transmission, -engine...
  3. T

    First world problems .

    So just got the full payment link and dealer confirmed car is coming . Excitement While parking at work today i noticed that the car park has a limit of 1.95 m . Disaster ! asking for a friend how much can he deflate his tires for road use ? Thanks :) Joking aside excitement is mounting !
  4. emax

    Analytic video from Christian - LR Time

    I recommend watching the latest video from LR Time. Christian presents a very thorough and accurate analysis of some Discovery engine problems and their causes. I think it is interesting for everyone who drives a car of this class, as all these engines face the same challenges. For the...
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