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  1. ZemTyrion

    US Trailer hitch problems

    I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who finds this universal hitch to be a problem. I understand it is one piece of hardware used differently around the world, but that isn't really ideal. The first problem I have is this huge flange. It is difficult to get a hitch pin in there, and a locking...
  2. subhunterG9

    Fuel System Problems

    Ok guys, I wanted to share my recent challenges with my Grenadier. Not to complain but to inform and seek out any similar problems. I bought my 2024 Grenadier in February. Due to travel, I only drove it 400 miles the first two months. A month ago, while driving on a very busy residential street...
  3. N

    Leaking Safari Roof and Door Seals Flooding The Car And other Leaks and Problems

    I wanted to share my latest experience as an owner with safari roof windows. I have had the car 6 weeks and it has 700 miles on the clock. Drooping Seals and Water Inside the Car I have the drooping and failing adhesive door seal issue on the front doors. I also had the issue where after heavy...
  4. MBHH

    The automatic transmission shifts from 3rd gear to neutral while off-roading.

    At the weekend I was out and about in an off-road area. I was driving in 3rd gear (manual transmission) in off-road reduction. The Grenadier had to work hard to drive up a steep slope. Suddenly, the automatic gearbox jumped from 3rd gear to neutral in the middle of the drive. The car stopped, of...
  5. greg_the_grenadier

    Local Area Thread Radio Problem

    Hi there! We have already driven about 14000km with our Grenadier and are actually very satisfied. So far, only two things bother us particularly badly: the heating and the radio. The radio sometimes becomes independent at FM. It starts a channel search, which runs backwards. In addition, it...
  6. Augustin

    Problems with air conditioning, water

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it fits in here (otherwise please move or delete my post), but I have problems with the air conditioning. It started in the summer with rainwater flowing into the car. Attached is a video taken while driving in the rain. Water was running into the passenger's...
  7. Jeffrey

    Will these wheels fit with no interference problems?

    17 x 7.5 / 6 x 130 / 50mm offset Methods? And, what's the lug bolt thread spec?
  8. S

    Collating and sharing known faults and fixes.

    As a new Grenadier owner, I am pleased with the core vehicle and feel confident that the car should build a good reputation worldwide as a robust 4x4. As with any completely new product, there are bound to be faults and concerns which should reduce with time as more is learned by the Ineos...
  9. Roach

    Is there a thread for common problems?

    I’m not use to this style forum (vs rennlist or mbworld as example) but I did a search for “common problems” but only found individual threads about specific problems. Would love to see a place to post your problem and a counter that kept track of how many ie: 37 electrical gremlins. Maybe...
  10. ADVAW8S

    Problems in your Grenadier

    Can we all come to agreement and establish a standard when discussing a issue/problem with Grenadier. Please state the engine, RHD/LHD, model and if applicable to issue the set up. It will help others who might or might not have a issue. Thank you in advance for your attention.
  11. pioneerofthenile

    will all the grenadier problems be addressed/fixed before rolling out in the USA

    seems like there are many and new problems daily just reported on this site. i also believe that the scope of the issues are bigger and broader as well. will there be a recall and will the rollout be pushed back in the USA? will there be any addressing to : -transmission, -engine...
  12. Tinki

    First world problems .

    So just got the full payment link and dealer confirmed car is coming . Excitement While parking at work today i noticed that the car park has a limit of 1.95 m . Disaster ! asking for a friend how much can he deflate his tires for road use ? Thanks :) Joking aside excitement is mounting !
  13. emax

    Analytic video from Christian - LR Time

    I recommend watching the latest video from LR Time. Christian presents a very thorough and accurate analysis of some Discovery engine problems and their causes. I think it is interesting for everyone who drives a car of this class, as all these engines face the same challenges. For the...
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