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  1. DENOGG-Fieldmaster

    Out with the G550 in with the Fieldmaster plus rough package - Greetings from Colorado

    Hello everyone introducing myself. Proud owner since yesterday :) Was waiting for the snow to stop before posting pics. But decided to post a pre purchase picture instead. Bought a lot unit from Red Noland in the Springs. Rick was great and easy to deal with. He even send a driver to pick me up...
  2. Zimm

    Americas Seating position.... Is there anyone 6'-4" plus having comfort issues?

    Ok, my order is due in April, so drove 4.5 hrs to test drive one. It's exciting but... I had difficulty with the seating position. 1) I think the lack of even a manual lumbar adjustment was a miss. I'm tall and the typical factory setting is always a bit low which it is. 2) If I adjusted...
  3. Trialmaster

    Lazer Sentinels plus a lot, lot more!

    Some very nice modifications done to this Grenadier. Love the front mounted Lazers - got to be a must have! Was going to mount them on a bar - but this solution is so much better. View:
  4. jeremy_matrix

    Roadside kit/plus

    The 1kg/2.2lb fire extinguisher that comes in this kit; anyone know where it stores? (I'm hoping under the knees on a front seat, like my Cayenne TSSY) How about the 2 warning triangles, 2 reflective warning vests, and first aid kit; where do those store? Pics would be wonderful if possible...
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