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  1. LeeroyJ

    How do you get power to the 400 watt AC outlets?

    Hi sorry for what is probably a basic question, but page 229 of the manual talks about the power output for the two 400w AC outlets, but does not actually say how I turn them on? I can't figure that out, anyone know how? Thanks!
  2. j3t3r

    Aux Power not going to vehicle outlets when ignition is off.

    I'm having an issue where none of the vehicle electrical outputs are getting power unless the ignition is turned on. This affects the 120v in rear passenger and rear storage compartment, and all the usb, usb-c etc. I known the the PWR Switch must be switched 'On' in the overhead control panel...
  3. AnD3rew

    Adding power outlets

    First mock up, the back needs to drop to sit under the volume knobs etc, and the front will need to drop and make more of an angle to allow room for electrical connections. But I think the concept will work. Will do a trial 3D print once I have the angles and heights right.
  4. N

    The auxiliary power outlets

  5. Top Cat

    External Anderson outlets

    So, i have been out bush with my trusty Disco 2 and was thinking about solar and air compressor points On my D2 i have front and rear Anderson plugs going tot eh second battery as I can then pump up tyres and recharge the battery from solar not having a really good look at the vehicle I have...
  6. bmore_burnsy

    Q&A Americas Power Take-Off (400W Inverter)

    The configurator states that "[t]he Power Take-Off includes domestic plug sockets (120V / 230V) in the second row seating and loadspace areas of the vehicle, providing 400W of power for electrical items." Questions: How many outlets are in the second row seating area? How many outlets are in...
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