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  1. ADVAW8S

    Steering, suspension options. I had it on translate

  2. G

    Must have options

    For those who have received theirs or have test driven, which options do you feel are must haves? And what do you feel can be skipped?
  3. DaBull

    Q&A Americas What Options trigger a factory coil spring change?

    Hi Ineos, What Options trigger a a factory coil spring change. Winch? Second Battery? Side Steps? Rock Sliders? Roof Rack? Bull Bar? Any Others?
  4. P

    The no options option (or very limited options)

    Mrs and I went through the configurator this AM and, a bit surprised, I came to the conclusion we could order the SW without any options (!) I wouldn't, we'd probably go safari windows, tow receiver and maybe-maybe not lockers. But that could be it. Floor mats, seat covers etc we could add...
  5. X

    Q&A Americas Roof max load for all options

    For all the following roof cargo carrying options what are the: Max dynamic load on road? Max dynamic load off road? Max static load? please provide the above load limit for the following roof cargo carrying options that are options sold by Ineos for the Grenadier Cargo strapped directly...

    Q&A Americas Which options have to be factory installed, and which ones can we install after delivery?

    Seems like: Diff locks Safari windows High load wiring Utility strips? Compass? Cargo area strips?
  7. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Why can't we uncheck RIA Raised Air Intake

    We should be able to uncheck the RAI Raised Air Intake on both the Trial Master and Station Wagon Editions on the configurators for those two editions as currently you cannot uncheck them to save money if you don't want them.
  8. DaBull

    Q&A Americas Wheel Rim Options also needed for Field Master Edition

    Both Trial Master and Station Wagon Editions allow choices of Rims, Why Can't you offer same Rim choices on Field Master configurator. Currently your only choice is the 18" alloys. Please change to allow Wheel/Rim choices like Trial Master and Station Wagon Edition configurators already allow.
  9. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Dealer fit accessory options on delivery

    As the website indicates that the dealer can charge for accessories to be fitted in addition to the purchase cost of the Grenadier. Are we able to buy the accessory at time of purchase and not have the dealer install them? Essentially just leave it in the cargo space when you pick the...
  10. BD1

    Fieldmaster v. Station Wagon (w/options)

    I prefer the 17in alloy wheels vs the 18in which is the only choice for the US Fieldmaster. So I built up an equivalent truck with the station wagon and it is $500 less expensive. $86K for my build. So it looks like IG is valuing the Belstaff jacket at $500 which I will not get (and don't want)...
  11. C

    Trialmaster v. Station Wagon (w/options)

    I ran two configurations; one a stock Trialmaster; and, the other a Station wagon with all the Trialmaster off-road options EXCEPT the raised air intake (which I do not need or like the look of) and the auxilarry power and PTO. The price of Trailamster was only $1,745 more than the Station...
  12. bmore_burnsy

    The big May 17 Announcement / Pricing / Discussion thread.

    Only six days to go until the big reveal on May 17, yet I still find myself hoping for an early leak about NA pricing šŸ˜‚ Anyone else feel similarly?
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