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northern california

  1. I

    Hello from the South Bay, Northern California!

    Happy to be here and hope to gain further insight from you IG owners. Cancelled my previous spot in line, got cold feet. Started working on resources to restore my 85' FJ60 Landcruiser and counting the $hells I would never recoup on such a restore. All the while, I keep eyeing the IG. Saw a...
  2. Roving.Grenadier

    Northern California Grenadier Community Event

    1st NorCal Grenadier Community Gathering Hello Everyone!! Now that our Ineos Grenadier's are trickling into the Bay Area and surrounding areas, it’s time for us to gather and drink wine. Stefano Watson and his wife Lisa have graciously offered to host a gathering at their vineyard, Avio...
  3. C64_forever

    Hello from the East Bay, Northern California

    Hello all — Glad to have found this place. I currently drive a 1990 RRC 2-door manual diesel. It has 330k kms and runs very strong (replaced rings twice). I am very excited about getting my Grenadier, although recently my dealer went from extremely responsive to having an automated email...
  4. RobHallieSage

    Americas Tracking our Northern California Grenadier - Where's Waldo

    Has anyone from Northern California (i.e., the Kuhn family) received their vehicles from their "adopted" SoCal dealer yet? We are 1 of the 55 being "re-routed" to 1 of the 3 dealers down South. Dave, Kelly @ Kuhn Redwood City, CA have been with us every step of the way. We're committed to...
  5. Kelly Elise

    Hello from Kuhn IG, Redwood City, CA

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and our new dealership, Kuhn Ineos Grenadier! This is an exciting moment for us, and we can't wait to serve the San Francisco Bay/Northern California community and surrounding areas. If we are your IG dealer you’ve likely...
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