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  1. emax

    The "Locus Maps" Thread

    I've been a GPS and navigation lunatic ever since I got my first GPS device, the Garmin GPS-II Plus. Since then I've probably had a dozen GPS devices (rather more, I believe) and still have some of them. Especially the GPSMAP 278, which was and is an outstanding device with excellent hardware...
  2. AnD3rew

    Off Road Navigation 3rd party

    There are a few disparate threads on navigation systems and on pathfinder but I can’t find one devoted specifically to off road navigation systems so here it is. Stu if I’m wrong feel free to merge. So I have been considering this for a while I use Waze happily on road through Carplay but...
  3. MarkusN

    Installing a 12" Tablet

    Hello Grenadier owners I would like to install a 12" tablet for navigation. :unsure: Has anyone already thought about this or even found a reasonable mount for it? Thanks :)
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