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nato plug

  1. F

    What are the options for the Nato plug in the back?

    besides the portable winch most of us probably didn't order, what else can we do with this? Even if you have to splice into the lines? Secondly, if you pull the full current how long can the battery last? Can the motor charge it enough? Wondering if I could power a few fishing lights or...
  2. frankkk

    NATO Plug,Socket

    NATO Plug male, Elparts 513051916 $25,- Chinese NATO Plug male, Hella KDWHL09680 or 8JA001931-001 $ 50,- German NATO Socket female, Elparts 51305416. $ 30,- NATO Socket female, Hella 593512 8JB001935-031. $ 80,- There are many more suppliers, the parts above have the full MIL spec & approval.
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