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molle panel

  1. Shaheens

    The universal INEOS MOLLE Panels

    I got my side Molle Panels installed from Bison Gear. I choose them because it comes with universal Molle panel holes it fits any accessories you need. Very good price, quick shipping, and easy to install. A tip for installation: install it in the floor and then put it on the car. I added on...
  2. Bodhi’s Grenadier

    CAtuned Offroad side molle panels with rotopax!

    Installed the CATuned Offroad side molle panel with rotopax mounts. Great product! Clamps to the rain gutters and attaches to the L track. Allows for the fitment of lots of different accessories. My only concern is that the molle openings are proprietary, not the standard 1”x1.25”. Not really a...
  3. Eyedogtor

    Bison Gear MOLLE panel installed

    Just installed my external MOLLE panel for recovery boards, etc. (due to garage height restrictions on roof). Super impressed with the product. Quick shipping, great packing, quality product. Nice job @Bison-Gear
  4. sean0809

    New products from Black Sheep Innovations

    Some really exciting new products due to be launched soon from the awesome team at Black Sheep Innovations… Thanks for the heads-up Thomas.
  5. Bison-Gear

    Bison Gear - 4x4 & Overlanding Accessories

    We're Bison Gear, and our mission is to provide you with the absolute best gear for your next thrilling journey. 🏞 Currently, our focus is on the remarkable INEOS Grenadier, recognized as the ultimate platform for overlanders. First top-notch products are already out in the market, specially...
  6. Bison-Gear

    Bison Gear Ineos

    Hello, it's Paweł from Bison Gear. I'm excited to share that we're collaborating with Grenadier to bring you new and innovative products. Our initial set of accessories is already on the market, and we're working on expanding the range even further. Stay tuned for a comprehensive selection...
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