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  1. J

    Help - poor visibility for tall drivers

    Hello all, I'm looking for any help in improvements for tall drivers, I'm 6'4" and the seats just don't have enough adjustability to allow good visibility. I've already removed the sunvisor (completely worthless to me), and looked at lowering the seat frame - not an easy task and will require...
  2. M

    Heated exterior rearview mirrors

    I chose the option for the heated rearview mirrors. Now I am not sure, whether they work properly. There is no button to activate it. Probably it is always on or does it work in combination with the heated back window? Does anybody have an idea or answer?
  3. J

    aftermarket heated mirrors

    Hi I wanna buy ready to pick up trialmaster utility version without heated exterior mirrors. The dealer told me is no option to change it for heated version. I'm wondering if it's possible to install an aftermarket version of the heated mirrors?
  4. MileHigh

    Heated mirrors and Windshield washers?

    I was looking through the manual and it mentions heated mirrors and windshield washers. Is that standard on the US cars, I think they manual (EU) made them sound like options,. I don’t remember that. Mirrors are nice, Washers are a big plus for mountain driving. There isn’t a heated steering...
  5. AndrewW

    Electric mirrors not working.

    I’m pretty sure no one has mentioned this before. My electric mirrors did not work on collection (unnoticed) but did just once, a day later, then stopped. They failed for 31 days then worked on the morning of a trip to the agents to mention it (amongst other things). They worked AT the agents’...
  6. JohnHeagney

    Towing mirrors

    Hi, Has anyone managed to buy suitable mirrors to add to the Grenadier when towing a wider trailer such as a caravan to give wider visibility? If so, please can you let me know the model? Many thanks John
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