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  1. hoohoohama

    Warning message: Speed assist function limited

    Whenever I drive above 50mph, I will get a speed assist function limited warning message with a yellow front camera obstruction icon, does anyone know a way to disable this warning? I already turned off ADAS speed limit assist function in settings.
  2. MattG

    Trailer light malfunction error message

    Having changed my 13 pin Euro towing plug to a 7 pin flat plug and installed a Redarc Tow Pro Elite electric brake controller (with diode kit), with the headlights turned OFF, the trailer lights and electric brakes all work as expected. When the headlights are switched on, although the trailer...
  3. Jeremy996

    Error Message "Tyre pressure sensor lost"

    Late in the day and the dashboard lights up with an amber message "Tyre pressure sensor lost". Checking the displays, you can see that all four are lost, so I guess the sensor receiver is disconnected/toast. The Grenadier is booked in for diagnostics on the 24th January, (Chandlers are busy and...
  4. Mauro

    Maintenance blu flashing message

    After installing the 1946 software, the blue colored maintenance message (at the bottom of the screen, where ODO and Range are and where orange warnings usually appear) keeps flashing. It’s very annoying. The dealer told me it is a bug that will be fixed with the new SW, but no one else seems to...
  5. emax

    Let it bong.

    This afternoon I went to see my agent to finally pick up my car title, which was still there. We had a lengthy conversation about this and that and some problems with the cars, you all know the glitches. Water, bongs, quality issues, etc. None of these are show stoppers, but of course annoying...
  6. W

    "Gear box error" message

    We just picked up our Grenadier yesterday, drove home and wanted to go out for an icecream. Gear won’t shift, error message: Gear box error. Car won’ t budge. While we are waiting for the service car to stop by, anyone has had the same experience??
  7. emax

    Time for a new message from Ineos

    The last message, which came from Lynn Calder, came four weeks ago on February the 2nd. According to her promise, it's now time for an update, I dare say.
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