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meet up

  1. AngusMacG

    Americas Quebec City area

    Anyone in the Quebec City area? I'm driving up there the end of the month for a couple of days for work. Will have some limited time to meet up if anyone is interested.
  2. lagartoboy

    Americas Meet up for solar eclipse in Texas Hill Country April 8, 2024?

    I am in Austin TX and was thinking about organizing a Grenadier drive through the Texas Hill Country which is in the path for the total solar eclipse April 8,2024. That also happens to be prime time for wildflower viewing. At this point I want to gauge interest. Organizing the drive is easy...
  3. bmore_burnsy

    Americas Mid-Atlantic Meet Ups

    Given that folks are now testing driving at RDS, I thought it made sense to create a general thread for meet ups in the Mid-Atlantic--whether near RDS in Newtown Square, PA or elsewhere. To kick off this thread, my wife and I will be at RDS on 11/18 for a test drive. (Her first time seeing a...
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