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    Texan at London Grenadier Showroom

    I was in London for business and had a morning to kill so I took a (long) Uber ride out to the Chiswick West London Grenadier dealer. What a blast! Was able to get a ride along (US drivers license holders can't drive). Sat in the rear seats and it was very comfortable and quiet even with the...
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    Local Area Thread Showroom in/around London?

    Hello all, I have a spot for a pre-order here in the US, but will not be able to make any of the drive events, therefore; I will not see any of the IG's in person before the need to place my order. I would like to compare some colors and the interior choices. I will be in London some this...
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    Local Area Thread UK meet up?

    Everyone must be crossing their hands below their trouser buttons with the arrival of their Grenadiers to hide their excitement. Im sure it’s been mentioned before, but I’m suggesting a pub meet in the Grenadier Pub in Belgravia, London in the upcoming months. Maybe liaising with Ineos...
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