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  1. R

    Cargo area window leak

    Someone had mentioned this on one of the calls, but hadn't experienced it until today. Small leak that went down the inside of the passenger side cargo area window. Went the whole height, didn't get a pic. Nothing seems wet in the cargo area, but could be behind the trim panels. Interior...
  2. Chadd7

    Crap, I have some kind of an oil leak!

    I have just under 2000 miles on my US delivery and I just spotted some clear odorless oil on my garage floor. This picture is taken from the front. The four dirt spots are where the tires usually rest and you see the oil spots in the center in relation to the tires. This is where I think it's...
  3. beanohallett

    Rear Side window leak

    Afternoon Folks, Has anyone else experienced leaks from the rear side windows? a photo of mine this morning, slightly irritating !
  4. S

    Coolant leak into left front footwell

    I've just spotted green coolant dripping down into the passenger (left) footwell. I've lifted the floor covering and there is a bit of a pool there. Anyone else had this issue and know what is causing it? I'm guessing heater matrix, but I hope it's something simple like a hose clamp and not the...
  5. DCPU

    Water Leak - Large Rear Door

    So back on my pre-PDI inspection, I noticed a dribble of water down the inside face of the large rear door: Today, I opened the door and noticed the same pattern: Tracking it back up...
  6. Jean Mercier

    water leak at Safari Roof

    As mentioned before in some other threads, I have a water infiltration in my car. As my garage didn't find it yet, and as I picked up my car last week, I tried to find it myself! I am sometimes wondering if my Grenadier is a refurbished Land Rover Defender! :unsure: :eek::mad: How did I do? •...
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