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    Rear Door Accessory Mount for non ladder owners

    In case you dont see this in our Vendor thread, I tried to post this in the appropriate location on the forum as well. Cheers! We are proud to introduce another awesome accessory for your Ineos Grenadier, our Rear Door Accessory Mount! This mount required no modification to your rig, and mounts...
  2. Pat-Ard

    Next issue with the LeTech ladder

    Hi folks, today I saw rust dripping on the rear bumper of my Grenadier. It came ot the ladder... I've already written a mail to LeTech and told them about the issue and that I want refund.
  3. Pat-Ard

    Issue with LeTech ladder - jerry can belt

    Hi folks, back in Novembre I mounted the LeTech ladder on my Gren, the lock and hook for the belt to secury the jerry can looks in the meantime really ugly. The lock has already some rust on it. I just contacted LeTech and showed them the pictures and they told me, that their supplier told...


    Any ideas on what ladder this is? Saw it on Facebook, but I don't have an account, so I can't ask

    Letech Ladder, Ineos Steel Cargo Barrier and Ineos Cargo Divider

    Is it possible to source any of these items to the USA? I can't seem to get a straight answer if the Cargo Barrier and the Cargo Divider will be available to purchase as an accessory in the US. and Not sure if anyone has had success ordering Letech products into the US. Any help or alternate...
  6. Paco Garcia

    Ski rack on ladder

    Hello friends, taking advantage of some things I had at home, some supports from the Chinese, I started to make some ski racks and in my humble opinion it turned out quite decent. I detail the steps in case you decide, super simple and very economical. - Clamps / Supports 6, €10 on Aliexpres -...
  7. MattG

    Maxtrax recovery track ladder mounting bracket

    I mounted two XTR Maxtrax-mini specific mounting brackets onto the rear ladder using four clamps, strengthened with two pieces of 30x3mm flat steel bar. Very rigid, lockable and still allows plenty of access to the rear door handle. I chose the Maxtrax Jack-base and mini recovery boards (rather...
  8. Matias Mesa

    Access Ladder diameter

    Hi everyone, could someone please provide me with the diameter of the tubes used for the access ladder on the IG? I need to design a bracket to hold a rear work light and was planning on attaching it to the ladder. thanks a lot! Matias Mesa
  9. MrJAT

    Rear Ladder weight capacity

    Hi all, does anyone know the weight bearing capacity of the small rear door and ladder? I am looking to mount an outboard engine on the ladder that weighs 43kg. I know it can take a human climbing up and down it so at least 80kg but that is presumably with the door shut. So checking it will be...
  10. pioneerofthenile

    is the rear access ladder a must have.

    has anybody passed on getting this? seems like the visibility is compromised a little bit with it. if you're going a la carte build you could drop this. i wonder how it would look if you don't get it? would you really miss it?. i guess if you have a rack and utilize it quite a bit it...
  11. Stu_Barnes

    FAQ Member 'title ladder' progression

    A few have been asking how, when and why do the titles change under your user name. The titles are attributed to the number of posts from your account and works as follows. New Member 0 posts First Posts 2 posts Contributor 25 posts Active Contributor 1,000 posts Veteran Contributor 5,000...
  12. Deepblue

    Hard shell rooftop tent

    Hi all, interested in your experience with rooftop tents (RTT as I learned). I have an older Maggiolina hard shell rooftop tent. Used that in the past on my VW bus and like the concept of a hard shell design that opens parallel. My tent has entries on both sides but not at the rear. And you...
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