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  1. MrJAT

    Rear Ladder weight capacity

    Hi all, does anyone know the weight bearing capacity of the small rear door and ladder? I am looking to mount an outboard engine on the ladder that weighs 43kg. I know it can take a human climbing up and down it so at least 80kg but that is presumably with the door shut. So checking it will be...
  2. pioneerofthenile

    is the rear access ladder a must have.

    has anybody passed on getting this? seems like the visibility is compromised a little bit with it. if you're going a la carte build you could drop this. i wonder how it would look if you don't get it? would you really miss it?. i guess if you have a rack and utilize it quite a bit it...
  3. Stu_Barnes

    FAQ Member 'title ladder' progression

    A few have been asking how, when and why do the titles change under your user name. The titles are attributed to the number of posts from your account and works as follows. New Member 0 posts First Posts 2 posts Contributor 25 posts Active Contributor 1,000 posts Veteran Contributor 5,000...
  4. Deepblue

    Hard shell rooftop tent

    Hi all, interested in your experience with rooftop tents (RTT as I learned). I have an older Maggiolina hard shell rooftop tent. Used that in the past on my VW bus and like the concept of a hard shell design that opens parallel. My tent has entries on both sides but not at the rear. And you...
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